Dynamic Writing Duo

Dynamic Writing Duo

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our List is Getting Shorter

Hurray. We’re on a roll. Over the past month and a half, we’ve been a little lax with our blogging responsibilities. We’ve been hunkered down, going through the Color of Dreams galley. Final galley!!! YEAH!

Also we’ve been drumming our fingers, discussing, and designing what we’d like our new website to look like. We’re getting there. Slowly but surely. It’s been a long tedious process. We’d rather be writing but the business half of Tia Dani needed attention.

What makes our website so complicated is we’re both eclectic, each having different ideas, etc., and we want both our personalities to appear on the website. Should make it interesting. We hope.

Then, on top of all that, we’ve been working on two new stories:

One is another of our “Color of... ” books. This one takes place in a small Illinois town, where a hunky, laid-back county sheriff runs afoul with a recently young widow, determined to start a new life, in a new town, for herself, her four small children and two rambunctious pets. But when the sheriff and the widow have trouble seeing eye-to-eye, the entire town gets involved...along with our favorite high-priestess, Delphina, a faery godmother, and two mischievous brownies. The end result is hilarious and will give a sweet tug to your heart strings.

Our second book is a new genre, a paranormal mystery. The working title is Death Unseen. We’ll tell you more about this book in another blog since Dani keeps insisting we keep our blogs SHORT!!!

Here's a photo of us working... Notice how we dress up at work?

Until next time, stay well, stay happy, and live the good life.
Tia Dani

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