Dynamic Writing Duo

Dynamic Writing Duo

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Play Day

Yesterday Tia and Dani (us) decided to take a day off from writing and play. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Olive Garden and sipped on the wine of the day. We can still taste the sparkling wine, it was so good–name of the wine unfortunately forgotten.

It was about then we noticed that one of Tia’s eyelashes was coming loose and it might be a good idea for her to buy another pair. Dani, being the eyelash expert that she is, instantly decided a trip to the closest Wal-Mart should be the next stop. Besides she wanted to drive her new car. (More on this subject at a later date.)

Once at Wal-Mart, as we entered the store, the wonderful aroma of cinnamon surrounded us with heady delight. The spicy smell was awesome and all thoughts of eyelashes went on hold as we searched the area for the smell, sniffing up and down the aisles. We finally found the source–in a bin high up on a wall above our heads. Cinnamon pine cones galore. You know the ones, they are around every holiday, bundled in a mesh wrapper and fills the house with glorious cinnamon?

We had to have them, or a candle, or at least something that would give off the cinnamon fragrance. That sent us on another search – find the perfect cinnamon gift for ourselves.
Besides, we decided, there is so much that makes fall such a wonderful time. Cooler days, spectacular colors, hearty soups, crusty breads, and pumpkin pie. We’ve gained weight just thinking about what is to come.

Yes, we did remember the eyelashes after Tia discovered a 20 dollar bill in the pocket of her jeans. What a unexpected find. Now she had money to get her eyelashes PLUS something cinnamon. We both decided on cinnamon sticks. It was a good day of shopping.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Setting a new goal

Dani and I talked about how lazy we've been when it comes to blogging. Like everyone else, we've been trying to keep up with so many sites, such as our individual Facebook pages, our MySpace page, Twitter, etc. So, we sort of made an agreement. We will split the jobs. I got the website blog. Lucky me. (grin).

So here goes...

We've finally recovered from RT. We had a wonderful time, especially during the Faery Court Ball. That was a blast. Both of us are looking forward to doing it again next year. If you have time, check out some of the photos we've posted. Either at our website or on MySpace.

One of our works in progress is in its second draft. We're finding that as we go through it again, we're enjoying it more and more. Which is a good thing, I think. In most cases, once I've finished a book, I don't want to see it again. I'd rather move on to the next story. Ahem, wonder how many other writers out there feel the same as I do? Or they have someone like Dani that keeps them on track?

That's it for tonight. I'll keep it short. Hopefully I'll have other interesting things to write about. Until next time, stay happy, stay safe, and know someone cares about you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Color of Dreams is out in print

Hurray, our book is out and for sale. Dani and I are thrilled. The cover is just as beautiful in print as it is online. Even the postman (Tia's) was impressed with the book and bought one. And...he is a man...Go Postmen! We're anxious to hear what he has to say about it...after he admits he actually read it. BIG GRIN

Dani and I are looking forward to the RT Conference, April 21-27. Actually, those are the dates we're going to be there. We're also going to part of the Faery Court. We've got our gowns, shoes, jewelry, etc., selected. The last thing to do is to figure out how to attach our wings. Dani's got her's nearly finished. I'm still drawing a blank. Hopefully, something will come to me before April 21st.

Another awesome thing we've accomplished. We have a book trailer on "Color of Dreams". Right now, you can only watch it on our MYSPACE page. Hopefully...like by next week...we'll get it up and running on our website as well.

Have a great week...what's left of it.

PS...Dani's out walking...getting thin for her gown. Smart girl! I'm going to look like a sausage in a green gown.

PPS..."Color of Dreams" can purchased at www.thewildrosepress.com