Dynamic Writing Duo

Dynamic Writing Duo

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Story for Us

As usual, our best intentions to blog every week crashed and burned in glorious flames. However, this week we have a valid excuse. Besides working diligently on our sequel to Color of Dreams, we've been writing a short story. It's kinda a suspense, with a twist of paranormal, and large squeeze of romance.

"Hey!" Tia snaps her fingers." That sounds like a great tag line.""I love it." Dani grinned. "We better claim it as ours right here and now."

They say to write 'what you know' so we placed our short story in Arizona. No strain of the brain cells there. In fact we made it so familiar we could drive to the setting with our eyes closed. Well, not really.

Actually we stand corrected. Tia did drive with her eyes closed when she was younger. Crazy teenager. Dani wasn't that reckless or maybe...not that stupid. [Tia is now ROTFLOL]

But we digress. Back to what we were saying about our story. Our male and female protagonists are good looking and heroic.

Yes, yes we know, you want to be our heroine and want to fall in love with our hero. Our secondary characters are also endearing and caring. We have to battle with them continuously not to take over the story and run with it themselves.

This is generally a common occurrence with our stories, since Tia digs the secondary characters more than she does the hero and heroine. Dani constantly has to nag her..."Only the hero. Only the heroine."

And there's a villain. Really, really dangerous and bent on causing havoc to our poor hero and heroine. Especially the hero. Good news, our heroine is strong and the plan is for her to save the day.

Have we mentioned before that we like strong heroines?

The hero's perfect, of course, that's a given. So, don't worry, he'll be doing a little rescuing himself. You're still going to fall in love with him.

We think you will enjoy this story when it's published. We've titled the manuscript...Death Unseen. So be looking for it.

Until the next time when the flames start toasting our toes, we're always...
Tia & Dani