Dynamic Writing Duo

Dynamic Writing Duo

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Come Fly With Me

Here's our newest release.

We're excited about it.

We think you will be as well.

Below is a recent review we received on Come Fly With Me.

Reviewed by: Chris

Like clockwork Bree is at the airport for her monthly sojourn. Building a business is hard work! But he’s there too. Mr. Sex God. She’s built a few fantasies around her fellow frequent flyer, but he’s always all business and busy. A girl can dream though.

Steven Cain has a motto. Work first, play later. But he notices the sexy redhead every month and wishes he could appoach her. Next month, he promises himself. But he can’t help himself from saying hi, and when their flight is delayed and they have time to talk, things progress much more than he could have ever imagined. Or hoped.

Haven’t we all had this fantasy when we spot that hot guy? Bree and Steven are aware of one another and have been for months. Their fantasies about one another make the transition from stranger to sex partner a little easier to accept as they have a “relationship” already. After the initial hormone storm passes they realize they’ve kind of skipped a few steps and we are left with the impression that while this relationship started out in the middle, so to speak, it will end up in the right place. With them together. A good quick read with plenty of steam.

Here is a link to the review site. Night Owl Website

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mary Keith has won Seduction to the Altar by Tia Dani and a beautiful handcrafted bracelet. Congratulations, Mary!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blog Events and Contests

Upcoming Blog Events and Contests

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday we are going to be at Happily Ever After Thoughts giving away an ebook and a bracelet. Stop by and visit us. Be sure to leave a comment to be entered in the contest. Details will be at Happily Ever After Thoughts.


September 11-13: Romance Author Tia Dani will be giving away an electronic copy of Seduction to the Altar and a beautiful bracelet. Check back for the winning name to be posted.