Dynamic Writing Duo

Dynamic Writing Duo

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Getting started

Talk about the blind leading the blind. I have absolutely no idea how I managed to start our Tia Dani's Musings blog...but... here it is...up and running.

Last month was an interesting month for me. Today I am on the downside of several projects and a few others yet to start. Which meant I had some time to breathe, try to start some new ventures...(this blog, for one thing) plus contemplate what has happened in the past month.

For me, I decided that it's amazing how time and life can get away from you when you're busy or dealing with have-to's. You don't stop to think about why you're here.

My father passed away unexpectedly last month. Though he'd been failing over the last six months, his passing still came as a surprise. Now both of my parents have passed on and all that's left in my family is my sister (with her family) and me and my family. There are extended family members we're close to, but in our immediate family, we're now down to just a few.

This new development brought some of my perspectives into a different light. My writing is becoming more and more precious to me. Hopefully when I too pass over, I will leave behind a part of me that will mean something. Well, maybe not only my writing, but the people I will touch because of it. It kinda makes me feel a little humble and eager to write faster.

Anyway...on this note...the first post to the Tia Dan blog. Watch out world...I'm starting to roll.

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